Lentils Salad Recipe


This is a quick and fresh recipe, perfect for summer!

Time:10 min [4 ppl]


  • 2 can of lentils  (around 500 gr)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 10 cherry tomatoes
  • mix of seeds (sesame seed, pine nut,pumpkin seed, sunflower seed)
  • 1 or 2 spring onion
  • mix of different lettuce loose leaves ( arugola, red leaf, romaine etc)
  • mix of fresh herbs (basils, parsley, chives, oregano)

1. I decided to quickly warm the lentils up and let them cook for some minutes. Lentils in a can are usually precooked, but I always rinse them, wash with cold water and cook for 10 minutes. In this way they lose any “can smell”, if you know what I mean.

2. While the lentils are slowly re-cooking, I peel the cucumber, get rid of internal seed and wash it together with cherry tomatoes. I chop everything in little cubes and put it in a big bowl. Add one or two spring onion, herbs and washed lettuce leaves. Let the lentils cool off for some minutes.

For dressing: I simply add olive oil, salt and pepper.


Review: Naturaktiv vollkorn/whole Pasta

pastaNaturaktiv is a brand sold here in Austria inside Hofer supermarkt, called Aldi in the rest of the world. ( here you can see all local store: http://www.aldi.com/?aldiurl=true ).

Differently from the other bio brand sold there, this pasta is really affordable: 500 gr ( a regular pack ) is usually on offer for 89 cent € . Of course, it is quite expensive if compared to regular pasta, but I think it’s a good compromise for durum grain pasta. According to description presented in the pack, this pasta comes from a biologically controlled farming from Italy,(So yes, I am double happy of it:P ) without GEN modification and Arge Bio standard controlled , ( which is a quality assurance on organic food here in Austria).DSCN1163 DSCN1161As all durum grain pasta it takes more time to be cooked ( around 9 minutes), but the consistency remains solid, unstuck, perfectly al dente! From a nutrition point of you, it contains for the same amount 200 gr only 229 kcal, way less than regular white grain pasta,  as less sugar and fat. In 200 gr of product you have 21% percent of natural fiber, which is good, isn’t it?

I have to say that I usually don’t find a lot of sorting; so far I’ve seen only spaghetti, fusilli, farfalle and penne. I strongly doubt any other types are available, but I am quite lucky, those are my favorite formats of pasta.

If you find it on offer, I strongly recommend you to try these goodies out!

Risotto with Lemon – Recipe


Time:30 min

Ingredients:  [quantity for 4 ppl]

  • 400 gr rice (carnaroli or arborio)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 big lemon
  • 1 glass white kitchen wine
  • a spoon Parmesan cheese
  • butter
  • pepper + parsley

1. Put a little bit of butter in a pot, when it starts frying add a fine chopped onion. At the same time, fill another pot with water and brings it to boil. You can decide to use plain water (lighter and healthier choice) or to put half bouillon/stock cube as my sweet sweet Grandma used to. By the way, this is one of her simple and super-tasty recipe.

2. After the onion sweats, put the rice, toast it and add a glass of white wine.

3. Once the wine is all dried off, start adding a scoop of boiling water(with or without bouillon) and wait till it evaporate. Keep putting water spoon by spoon till the rice is cooked up.

4.  When you see the rice is almost done, season it with pepper, Parmesan cheese and the juice of one lemon.Adjust with salt and cook for other 5 minutes. Now it should be all creamy and the lemon juice sunk and dried in.

Serve it hot with parsley on top :D



Spezzatino Recipe

spezzatinoThis is my father’s stewed beef recipe, it reminds me a lot my childhood and it’s really tasty. I hope you’ll like it !

Time: 1 hour + 20 prep min


  • 500 gr beef ( already cut in chunks)
  • 1 can peas
  • 1 can tomatoes
  • 4 big potatoes
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 glass white kitchen wine
  • salt + pepper
  • white flour
  • a spoon olive oil

1. First of all, I usually cut my beef pieces in more little one. Then, I salt+pepper them  and roll the chunks into some white flour.2. Pre-heat a spoon of olive oil in a quite large pot.After, add the meat and brown it for a little while.Then, add a glass of white wine and let it evaporate with a slow-temp and put the lid on for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, peel and cut both potatoes and carrots.

3. Now you should have a creamy-delicious consistency.

4. Add potatoes and carrots and adjust with more salt+pepper.

5. Add the entire tomatoes can and cook for 40 minutes with the lid on (always with a low-heat temprature). Once in a while remember to stir it carefully,otherwise the bottom is going to burn easily ( trust me, this is an experienced advice ….). 6. In the end. rinse the peas and add them too. Cook for about other 10 minutes with the lid on. And now should be ready and yummy! Buon appetito!


Review: Fortnum’s Famous Teas – 60 Teabag Selection

While we were in London, we stepped by chance in this famous shop in Piccadilly. Fortnum & Mason don’t sell only teas and coffees but also  confectionery, wines, biscuits and so on. The shop is itself worth of visiting. The atmosphere inside it is very polished and refined,  everything is well displayed. It is absolutely a pleasure for the eyes.

Here is their official website:http://www.fortnumandmason.com/ where you can shop online. Although, the delivery price for no-UK customers is highly-priced: £15 for the rest of Europe, £30 to USA and £40 for the rest of the world.
There is the possibility of getting loose leaves and choose your own blend, but everything is quite expensive, so I opted for this set of black tea (which is my all time favorite):


It contains 6 different kinds of black tea:Breakfast blend ,Smoky Earl Grey ,Earl Grey Classic,Queen Anne, Royal blend, Afternoon blend. It costs £12.50 for 120 gr of products, you’ll find 10 bags for each type.Here’s the link to this set in their website: http://www.fortnumandmason.com/p-5027-tea-bag-set-classic-tea-gift-set.aspx

They all smell rich and strong inside the bag, even more where you put them in your hot water cup. My favorite of the set is Afternoon blend, it is very full and substantial.

My packaging is a little bit ruined because I had to stuck it in my luggage and the flight back home, however all the packaging are amazing -styled! Look at them… are so cute!


Would you buy it again? Yes, I would, I am really pleased with it and it’s a little spoil I do allow myself for special occasion. However, I won’t buy it from the website due to the over-priced delivery service. I will only re-buy it if I am going to be in London again.

How is Balance quality-price? The quality is very high, as I think it’s the price overall, but you also pay for the polished and detailed style.

Have a nice cup of tea then! :)

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *