Watermelon Jelly Recipe

watermelon_jellyTime:1 hour prep + one night resting

Ingredients:   for 8 medium ice cream bowl

  • 2,5 kg watermelon
  • 250 gr white sugar
  • 65 gr potato starch
  • chocolate chips ( they will look like watermelon seeds but they are not :D)
  • some pistachio ( not salted!) or cinnamon powder
  • vanilla extract or vanilla powder

This is a typical Sicilian summer dessert, called “gelo di mellone“. It’s  good to recycle watermelon not so fresh anymore and also it is used to fill pies or little pastries. NB: For this recipe you’ll need an hand-blender.

1. Cut the watermelon and get rid of seeds. If you buy a relative small one, they usually don’t have those big black seeds, but only little “yellow” one, which you can easily ignore and keep.


2.Blend the watermelon directly inside a quite large saucepan and add sugar and starch. Put on your stove with a medium heat. Keep stiring until it is boiling. Wait 5 minutes and now turn it off. Wait to cool it off to add your vanilla powder and chocolate chips, otherwise they will melt and you could use the “fake seeds”effect.

Divide in different containers and decor with some pistachio. You can buy them  and use your own mixer to reduce them in a fine flour.Put in the fridge for at least 6 hours, one night is much better though :) It’s also a good solution if you have people come over!

Buon appetito!

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