Ragù Recipe

raguThis is my daddy’s recipe. Our family tradition includes peas, also because is the typical stuffed of arancini , a sicilian ball of rice and meat,covered with eggs and bread chunks, and fully fried.

Time: 1 hour and ½

Ingredients: The proportion are thought for a lots of ragu’: you can always freeze it and use whenever you need.

  • 500 gr minced beef and pork
  • 1 glass red wine
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 onions
  • celery
  • 1l tomatoes sauces
  • 500 gr tin tomatoes
  • 1 can peas (optional)
  • 1 spoon tomato paste
  • olive oil, pepper, salt

1. Peal and cut finely onions,celery and carrots or use a mixer. Let them sweat in a big pot with some heated olive oil.

2.Add the meat, spoon of tomato paste and a glass of  red wine. Let the wine evaporate.

3.Add the tomatoes sauces and tomatoes can,season with pepper and salt in good amount.

4.Cover with a lid and turn to a very low temperature, cook for 1 hour, stiring every now and then.

5. (Optional) The last 10 minutes add your peas, in this way they won’t cook too long.

Buon appetito!

Food Diary 11th-17th August

food_diaryLate..but still here!Honestly we’ve been in holiday in Wien this week and I’ve constantly forgot to take pictures of what we ate, so I won’t  publish the diary next week.

On Monday’s dinner we had guacamole with some cereal bread; I find this kind of bread at Aldi and it’s good also for breakfast. I also made zaziki with fresh cucumber.

On Tuesday, I tried another Laurel Evans recipe from her book “La cucina Tex Mex, Storie vere e sapori forti dai confini sconfinati dell’America“, which was a chicken soup, but of course I had to adjust it to what I had home,added some mushrooms that were turning bad and other stuff.

WednesdayOn Wednesday we had some leftover codfish soup with tomatoes and capers and basmati rice, together with a sort of caprese salad with cucumber as extra in it.


This week I was in “soup-mode”, so again: lentil soup on Thursday with red lentils I bought in Italy; They are my favorite kind of lentils, so tasty. One kind of red lentils is typical from Sicily and they grow in Ustica, a very small island. This website sells them and send in Europe if you wanna try them: http://www.gustaitipicisiciliani.it/ but unfortunately it is only in Italian language.

On Friday, I tried out another Benedetta Parodi recipe: meatball (meatless) with navy beans, I think she used another kind of beans, but they turned out amazing anyway!

On Saturday, we had some friends coming over so I cooked spelt (hulled wheat) with grilled veggies.

Next week we are moving to Dresden, Germany, so who knows when I’ll post again…!See you (hopefully) soon!

Minestrone Recipe


minestroneTime: 40 min + 10 prep.


You can also add green beans or broccoli; I hardly have them fresh at home, so this is exactly my typical version of minestrone.

  • 1 big onion
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 zucchini
  • 1 red pepper
  • 2 potatoes ( medium size)
  • 1 can peas ( ~250 gr)
  • 1 bay leaf
  • rosemary
  • pepper, salt, 2 cup water

1. Peel, wash and cut everything :)

2. Toss everything in a pan (including bay leaf and some fresh or dry rosemary) with two full big cups of water and cook for 30 min with the lid always on.

3. Rinse your peas, add them together with salt and pepper and cook for other 10 min. And it’s done! Buon appetito.

Food Diary week – 4 – 9th August

mon-tue_dinnerKeeping track of our dinner in this way, it’s my new experiment. Let’s see how long it’s going to last…I am so lazy sometimes. On Monday, we had a risotto with some leftover from the previous Sunday dinner. I made this amazing risotto with clamps, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, inspired by one of Benedetta Parodi‘s recipe I found in one of her books I own. She makes an amazing and quick pasta with saffron ( which I also used) and frozen clamps. I used the same concept but adding two zucchini and turned out a very tasty risotto.

On Tuesday, we had salmon, simply roasted on a pan, some leeks soup in which I add sun-dried tomatoes ( that’s why it had this color) and eventually I tried to make another recipe from one book that I own:”mango sauce”. I got the recipe inspiration from one of Laurel Evans‘s book, but my mango wasn’t enough juicy and ripe to make a sauce, so it turned out into a salad.

On Wednesday, we’ve been invited to a birthday’s party from one Italian friend, I brought some cous cous with vegetables, but honestly I wasn’t super-happy with the result. We had also Italian bruschette,  vegetables meatless-balls, a lots of wine and some chocolate dessert. It was one of those dinner where everyone cooks something and bring it.


On Thursday, I prepared an healthy homemade minestrone,it only takes 40 minutes to be fully cooked. Soon I’ll post the recipe, since my fiancée really likes it. I confess, I used to buy the frozen one, but that’s completely another taste, I’d say “tasteless”.

On Friday’s dinner, I made pasta salad, with zucchini, pepper, sun-tomatoes long-life ricotta cheese, parsley, olive oil, fresh chili and tomatoes.

On Saturday, for lunch we had some pasta salad leftovers and some fresh lettuce and radicchio ( italian chicory) salad, J. did for us :))

So, hopefully to the next week :)

Mahnič Restaurant in Kozina – Slovenia

Gnocchi with Goulash

gnocchi_goulash beer marinated grilled meat

beer_meatMahnic plate, steamed vegetable and different kind of meat

mahnicPork shin bone


We also got some dessert but we were so full that I completely forgot to take a picture! It’s not an expensive restaurant and you really get huge portion. I think the only plate we regret buying is the mahnic plate.This is the link to the restaurant http://www.mahnic.si/eng/restaurants/mahnic-restaurant-in-kozina/about-the-restaurant

Finally we are back to our lives and I can cook myself again :)) Anyway I really enjoyed this holiday and all the Italian food ( and others) we had.

PS: I am sorry if the quality of these picture is not so good :(