Food Diary week – 4 – 9th August

mon-tue_dinnerKeeping track of our dinner in this way, it’s my new experiment. Let’s see how long it’s going to last…I am so lazy sometimes. On Monday, we had a risotto with some leftover from the previous Sunday dinner. I made this amazing risotto with clamps, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, inspired by one of Benedetta Parodi‘s recipe I found in one of her books I own. She makes an amazing and quick pasta with saffron ( which I also used) and frozen clamps. I used the same concept but adding two zucchini and turned out a very tasty risotto.

On Tuesday, we had salmon, simply roasted on a pan, some leeks soup in which I add sun-dried tomatoes ( that’s why it had this color) and eventually I tried to make another recipe from one book that I own:”mango sauce”. I got the recipe inspiration from one of Laurel Evans‘s book, but my mango wasn’t enough juicy and ripe to make a sauce, so it turned out into a salad.

On Wednesday, we’ve been invited to a birthday’s party from one Italian friend, I brought some cous cous with vegetables, but honestly I wasn’t super-happy with the result. We had also Italian bruschette,  vegetables meatless-balls, a lots of wine and some chocolate dessert. It was one of those dinner where everyone cooks something and bring it.


On Thursday, I prepared an healthy homemade minestrone,it only takes 40 minutes to be fully cooked. Soon I’ll post the recipe, since my fiancée really likes it. I confess, I used to buy the frozen one, but that’s completely another taste, I’d say “tasteless”.

On Friday’s dinner, I made pasta salad, with zucchini, pepper, sun-tomatoes long-life ricotta cheese, parsley, olive oil, fresh chili and tomatoes.

On Saturday, for lunch we had some pasta salad leftovers and some fresh lettuce and radicchio ( italian chicory) salad, J. did for us :))

So, hopefully to the next week :)

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