Autumn Tea Selection 2014

herbst_teaI absolutely love black tea, but I also enjoy a green tea during early evening. As a south Italian girl, we don’t have dinner before 8 p.m. and also my hubby always comes home quite late after work and gym; so I get quite hungry and “fill” the growling stomach with green tea. I am currently enjoy jasmine tea. I love it, it smells amazing and this one has whole flowers in it. I bought this one very inexpensively at one local Chinese supermarket  for 2,50 €  for 120 gr of product. Accordantly to the packages information, it is produced in Republic of China by FUJIAN TEA & EXPORT.CO. I am not sure about how much “fair trade” is this one though.

For black teas instead, I am enjoying THE RUSSE from the brand terre d’Oc. Their policy and their story is clearly explained  as you can read directly from their website,  .My husband brought me this nice tin from France, that I will re-use for sure and I won’t throw it away. It would be such a pity!According to their description is an Organic citrus flavored black tea. The lemon doesn’t prevail too much, it’s a very gentle touch. I love it so much that I am scared to finish it up! It’s rich and delicate at the same time, but it’s impossible to find in Germany.

I am also drinking other two kinds of black tea ( honestly one is already gone), both of them I got from this tea-shop in Dresden “TEE-WÜRFEL

One is called Rosenliebe: black tea,with strawberries leaves,strawberries pieces and aroma. It ha a very sweet smell, but the taste it’s definitely strong as an Assam quality. And the one already  gone was called ” Sir Earl Grey“, which you can guess was an earl grey with  small dried parsley leaves and carrots in it. I was very suspicious at the beginning,  but was amazing. The only this that I really don’t understand why this shop needs to add a”mysterious aroma”in their blend.

In closing, just one word to describe Glückstag‘s blend- always from the same shop TEE-WÜRFEL -: yuch!!! it’s an infusion of fruits: mango, peach,apple, papaya, pineapple, apple and lemon skin. The only problem is that I can’t stand all the sugar added in it. It doesn’t really say how much is  added, but for my personal taste  it is over too much. If you are wondering why you bought it;then, it was a lovely present of my husband, and he really didn’t read what was inside. I am thinking of trying to make a cold drink with it, maybe with some extra ice and water all the sugar in it could be acceptable.

Bruschetta Recipe

bruschettaTime: 10 minutes

Ingredients: (for 10 pieces of bruschetta)

  • any bread you like, toasted
  • 500 gr tomatoes
  • fresh basil
  • e.v olive oil
  • pepper
  • salt
  • oregano
  • 2 clove garlic

To obtain a very good bruschetta you just need to prepare it in advance, and serve 20-30 min later. In this way all flavors will pop out and give you an amazing result. Very important: put bruschetta dressing on your bread only few minutes before serving, otherwise your bread will sink all tomatoes juice and will be no longer crunchy as supposed to be.

1. Wash and cut tomatoes in teeny-tiny cubes: smaller they are, easier will be eaten bruschetta without any stain on your t-shirt. Add salt, pepper and olive oil in plenty. Cut finely two peeled cloves of garlic ( if they are too big, just one is enough) and finish seasoning with fresh basil and oregano.

2. Mix all together and let it rest for a while and taste it, in this way you’ll know if you need more salt and pepper.

and enjoy it! It’s super easy and super good for party as finger-food or as appetizer with some wine.

Buon appetito!