Autumn Tea Selection 2014

herbst_teaI absolutely love black tea, but I also enjoy a green tea during early evening. As a south Italian girl, we don’t have dinner before 8 p.m. and also my hubby always comes home quite late after work and gym; so I get quite hungry and “fill” the growling stomach with green tea. I am currently enjoy jasmine tea. I love it, it smells amazing and this one has whole flowers in it. I bought this one very inexpensively at one local Chinese supermarket  for 2,50 €  for 120 gr of product. Accordantly to the packages information, it is produced in Republic of China by FUJIAN TEA & EXPORT.CO. I am not sure about how much “fair trade” is this one though.

For black teas instead, I am enjoying THE RUSSE from the brand terre d’Oc. Their policy and their story is clearly explained  as you can read directly from their website,  .My husband brought me this nice tin from France, that I will re-use for sure and I won’t throw it away. It would be such a pity!According to their description is an Organic citrus flavored black tea. The lemon doesn’t prevail too much, it’s a very gentle touch. I love it so much that I am scared to finish it up! It’s rich and delicate at the same time, but it’s impossible to find in Germany.

I am also drinking other two kinds of black tea ( honestly one is already gone), both of them I got from this tea-shop in Dresden “TEE-WÜRFEL

One is called Rosenliebe: black tea,with strawberries leaves,strawberries pieces and aroma. It ha a very sweet smell, but the taste it’s definitely strong as an Assam quality. And the one already  gone was called ” Sir Earl Grey“, which you can guess was an earl grey with  small dried parsley leaves and carrots in it. I was very suspicious at the beginning,  but was amazing. The only this that I really don’t understand why this shop needs to add a”mysterious aroma”in their blend.

In closing, just one word to describe Glückstag‘s blend- always from the same shop TEE-WÜRFEL -: yuch!!! it’s an infusion of fruits: mango, peach,apple, papaya, pineapple, apple and lemon skin. The only problem is that I can’t stand all the sugar added in it. It doesn’t really say how much is  added, but for my personal taste  it is over too much. If you are wondering why you bought it;then, it was a lovely present of my husband, and he really didn’t read what was inside. I am thinking of trying to make a cold drink with it, maybe with some extra ice and water all the sugar in it could be acceptable.

Review: Fortnum’s Famous Teas – 60 Teabag Selection

While we were in London, we stepped by chance in this famous shop in Piccadilly. Fortnum & Mason don’t sell only teas and coffees but also  confectionery, wines, biscuits and so on. The shop is itself worth of visiting. The atmosphere inside it is very polished and refined,  everything is well displayed. It is absolutely a pleasure for the eyes.

Here is their official website: where you can shop online. Although, the delivery price for no-UK customers is highly-priced: £15 for the rest of Europe, £30 to USA and £40 for the rest of the world.
There is the possibility of getting loose leaves and choose your own blend, but everything is quite expensive, so I opted for this set of black tea (which is my all time favorite):


It contains 6 different kinds of black tea:Breakfast blend ,Smoky Earl Grey ,Earl Grey Classic,Queen Anne, Royal blend, Afternoon blend. It costs £12.50 for 120 gr of products, you’ll find 10 bags for each type.Here’s the link to this set in their website:

They all smell rich and strong inside the bag, even more where you put them in your hot water cup. My favorite of the set is Afternoon blend, it is very full and substantial.

My packaging is a little bit ruined because I had to stuck it in my luggage and the flight back home, however all the packaging are amazing -styled! Look at them… are so cute!


Would you buy it again? Yes, I would, I am really pleased with it and it’s a little spoil I do allow myself for special occasion. However, I won’t buy it from the website due to the over-priced delivery service. I will only re-buy it if I am going to be in London again.

How is Balance quality-price? The quality is very high, as I think it’s the price overall, but you also pay for the polished and detailed style.

Have a nice cup of tea then! :)

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *