Friend’s wedding in Sicily

Before Christmas, one of my best friend got married. It was an amazing ceremony, as well an amazing dinner. She celebrated in Acireale, a town close to Catania. Even if was December, it was a sunny day and quite warm. I really wanted to share some pictures, since it has been an important and intense day for me.Etna

This picture above I took on the bus approaching Catania. That big volcano is called ‘Etna’ and it is the most active one in Italy. It is not dangerous as more silent ones, and it’s really full of paths and ski chalat.

cathedreal_acirealeThe cathedral in Acireale is astonishing, so opulent and elegant. My friend’s flower decoration were little roses white and red. She had a classical romantic dress and her husband was so fascinating as an English lord!..and yes also their cute-pie dog was there, whose name is ‘Sally’.

acireale_weddingAnd let’s focus on food. After wedding, all young people went to cheers in a pub with a lot of beer,and, after the photo section, we had party at Parco dei Principi, in Zafferana Etnea, which is a little village on Etna’s side.

As soon as the bride and the groom arrived, we had a huge cocktail section with different finger food option, of which I completely forgot to take picture because I was starving so much that I assaulted the buffet table. We had a wide range of regional cheese, Italian Prosciutto Cotto  freshly cut in front of us, together with some Focaccia-bread, cheese rapped by Speck grilled at the time. Then we moved inside the proper accommodation room, it was very modern and minimal adorned. We have two main starters, as you can see below. Bresaola with a fine crunchy bread made with hulled wheat, with and orange sauce and some salad. After that, a mix of three other appetizers: fried ricotta meatball, mini soufflé with porcini mushrooms and a  little roll of bacon and puff pastry.

sicilian_wedding01And yes, I was already full because I really went too crazy during the happy hour….but I didn’t give up. I wanted to try everything out. My favorite appetizer was the mini soufflé, delicate taste.

sicilian_wedding02 As first meal we had Risotto with porcini mushrooms and pistachio; and ravioli fulled with green fresh herbs, with handamade squash and double cream salsa.Second main course was a Tris with roasted potatoes as side, a calf meat roll with almonds and pistachio inside( my favorite), along with local pork roast-beef with fresh tomatoes. sicilian_wedding03And no, it’s not my fault: the mariage cake was huge and I couldn’t fit it in one picture. Before the cake, we had a typical Sicilian dessert with fruits called “semifreddo alle mandorle“. I would describe it as a sorta of ice cream, with a different consistency, made with almonds and almond milk. The cake, which is usually very disappointing ina marriage was fresh and super soft. And to close, I add a picture of my husband and I, happy and full. But none stopped us to dance like crazy!