Food Diary 11th-17th August

food_diaryLate..but still here!Honestly we’ve been in holiday in Wien this week and I’ve constantly forgot to take pictures of what we ate, so I won’t  publish the diary next week.

On Monday’s dinner we had guacamole with some cereal bread; I find this kind of bread at Aldi and it’s good also for breakfast. I also made zaziki with fresh cucumber.

On Tuesday, I tried another Laurel Evans recipe from her book “La cucina Tex Mex, Storie vere e sapori forti dai confini sconfinati dell’America“, which was a chicken soup, but of course I had to adjust it to what I had home,added some mushrooms that were turning bad and other stuff.

WednesdayOn Wednesday we had some leftover codfish soup with tomatoes and capers and basmati rice, together with a sort of caprese salad with cucumber as extra in it.


This week I was in “soup-mode”, so again: lentil soup on Thursday with red lentils I bought in Italy; They are my favorite kind of lentils, so tasty. One kind of red lentils is typical from Sicily and they grow in Ustica, a very small island. This website sells them and send in Europe if you wanna try them: but unfortunately it is only in Italian language.

On Friday, I tried out another Benedetta Parodi recipe: meatball (meatless) with navy beans, I think she used another kind of beans, but they turned out amazing anyway!

On Saturday, we had some friends coming over so I cooked spelt (hulled wheat) with grilled veggies.

Next week we are moving to Dresden, Germany, so who knows when I’ll post again…!See you (hopefully) soon!