My Sicilian Pesto ~ Recipe

sicilian_pestoAs you’ll read below I wrote a general name as “salty cheese”, because now that I live abroad, I know how hard is to find all Italian cheese, such us ‘ricotta salata‘ or ‘primosale” etc, so I simply adapted this recipe with any kind of salty cheese I am able to find. I tried with Feta, and it taste amazing!This recipe is inspired by the famous ‘pesto alla trapanese‘, but I changed it a little bit to my own taste. Trapani is a beautiful sea city in the west Sicily.

Easy and quick, with few ingredients.This is my favorite dressing of a quick pasta recipe ever! Yumm… In this picture I was using ‘spinach pasta’, but with a regular kind of pasta it is as tasty.

Note: You will need an electric chopper/blender.

Time:  7 minutes

Ingredients:  [ for 2 person]

  • 1 big tomato or
  • 50 gr any salty cheese ( better of course is with ‘ricotta salata‘..but also Feta is good)
  • 15 leaves fresh basil
  • 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • pepper ( good amount)
  • pine nuts (20 gr ca.)
  • almonds (6 -7) ( you can skip them)

1. Just toss everything in the blender and push the bottom!

2.Keep always one glass of boiling water from your pasta and add it in the sauce in order to make it creamier.

Buon appetito!!!


Tuna Sauce Recipe


Time: 7 min


  • 1 can tuna in brine ( around 100-120 gr product)
  • 8 pitted green olives
  • 1 tbs Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tbs e.v.olive oil
  • 40 gr feta cheese ( but any kind of soft cheese works, I used Gouda, Edam, Provolone etc)
  • 1 tbs water
  • fresh basil ( around 10 big leaves) (or frozen is still good!)
  • fresh parsley (or frozen is still good!)
  • black pepper
  • some thyme on the top

How to use it:

I use this sauce in different ways: if, like last Sunday, I put it on pasta, I always add some more boiling water  to make it more fluid and saucy. Otherwise, I keep it more dense and I use it as dressing for my Tuna Bruschetta. Another way I use this sauce for is over boiled potatoes, with their heat the sauce melt a little bit and it’s super tasty.

tuna_sauce1. As you can see from the picture above, just toss all the ingredients in a mixer and let the yummyness begins. One tip only: if you are not using a salty cheese like Feta, taste it: maybe it would need a little boost of salt. Add some thyme and pepper on your pasta and…

Buon appetito!!!


Grandma Pasta Recipe

pasta_sundriedtomatoesI really love this recipe! When I was studying for my bachelor, I used to visit my grandma every Wednesday lunch and this was one of her typical “I completely forgot you were supposed to visit me!”-recipe. I miss you so much grandma!

Time: 10 min

Ingredients:   [ for 2 ppl]

  • 150 gr sun-dried tomatoes
  • olive oil (a nice amount)
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • parsley ( again..a nice amount)
  • 1 teaspoon chili pepper

1. Bring to boil a pot of water with salt in it and cook any kind of medium-size pasta you would like.

2. While your pasta is cooking ( al dente!), heat a pan with a generous amount of olive oil. Toss in it 4 cloves of garlic after you’ve pressed them with your hand to get all the flavor out. Add also 1 teaspoon of chili pepper ( or even less if your don’t like spicy food).

3, When the garlic is sizzling, add sun-dried tomatoes,thinly cut; let them cook for 5-6 min. I usually add a small cup of the boiling water in the pan to make everything smooth later and avoid to burn your garlic.

4. Drain the pasta and put it together in the saucepan where your sun-dried tomatoes are cooking and season everything with a lot of parsley.

And that’s it! Buon appetito

Pasta with Pistachio ~ Recipe

pasta_pistacchioTime: 15 minutes

Ingredients:  2 people very hungry!

  • 1 onion
  • 180 gr pasta you like
  • 125 gr pancetta ( bacon bits)
  • 200 ml double cream
  • 100 gr pistachio
  • 1 orange
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • pepper

1. Put the water on the stove with some salt in it and when the water is boiling throw your pasta in.

2. In a pan put a tiny amount of olive oil or butter. Meanwhile, chop finely a onion and let it fry on the hot pan. After 3 minutes add also your pancetta  and cook until it changed its color. Watch out,try not to overcook it, otherwise it will become too crunchy.

3. Add your double cream and let it boil a little to reduce with medium heat. When you see it’s reducing, add your pistachio and only the grated skin of an orange . This will make a huge different: giving a touch of sophisticated and more gentle taste. Don’t skimp on pepper now, you should have obtained a soft-green cream.

4. Drain your pasta “al dente” and add it in your cream. Get it all mixed and serve with more pistachio on top….and it’s done!

This the absolute final favorite pasta for my fiancée. If I really want to spoil him, I make this typical Sicilian pasta with pistachio from Bronte. If you come in Sicily during your vacation, stop by any supermarket and you’ll find it already crumbled and ready for this pasta and many other recipe.

Review: Naturaktiv vollkorn/whole Pasta

pastaNaturaktiv is a brand sold here in Austria inside Hofer supermarkt, called Aldi in the rest of the world. ( here you can see all local store: ).

Differently from the other bio brand sold there, this pasta is really affordable: 500 gr ( a regular pack ) is usually on offer for 89 cent € . Of course, it is quite expensive if compared to regular pasta, but I think it’s a good compromise for durum grain pasta. According to description presented in the pack, this pasta comes from a biologically controlled farming from Italy,(So yes, I am double happy of it:P ) without GEN modification and Arge Bio standard controlled , ( which is a quality assurance on organic food here in Austria).DSCN1163 DSCN1161As all durum grain pasta it takes more time to be cooked ( around 9 minutes), but the consistency remains solid, unstuck, perfectly al dente! From a nutrition point of you, it contains for the same amount 200 gr only 229 kcal, way less than regular white grain pasta,  as less sugar and fat. In 200 gr of product you have 21% percent of natural fiber, which is good, isn’t it?

I have to say that I usually don’t find a lot of sorting; so far I’ve seen only spaghetti, fusilli, farfalle and penne. I strongly doubt any other types are available, but I am quite lucky, those are my favorite formats of pasta.

If you find it on offer, I strongly recommend you to try these goodies out!